i. All Biobloom products are FREE from PARABENS.

ii. All Biobloom Face Washes, Body Washes & Shampoos are FREE from SULFATES (NO SLS/ SLES).

iii. All Biobloom Oils & Moisturizers are FREE from LLP & all PETROCHEMICALS.

iv. All Biobloom Products are FREE from other Harmful Chemicals like Silicone & Triclostan.

v. We use PURE ESSENTIAL OILS on almost all our compositions.

vi. We use COLD PRESSED OILS for all our Base Oils.

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What our customers have to say

  • Sunscreen & Day Lotion: Really works & gets absorbed on the skin like moisturizer. Very effective for day to day use. I first got it in my Fabbag, but now have been only using this one. Best is - it has no chemicals!

    - Shruti, Pune

  • Dandruff Control Oil - Very effective on dandruff. Couldn’t believe I could get rid of my dandruff. have been using medicated shampoos for years. Thanks BioBloom!

    - Sam, Chennai

  • Baby Hand & Body Wash : Soft & supple on skin, I found this body wash quite safe for the sensitive skin of my son. He is usually allergic to lots of cosmetic products but this one really suited him. Superb!

    - Richa M., Gurgaon

  • Almond Milk Moisturizer : It has quite a nice and mild fragrance which isn’t very noticeable after application. It does a good job of keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day and I only feel the need to reapply this after my night time shower.

    - Esha Gupta, Gurgaon

  • Hair Strengthening Hair Cleanser is Nice & Mild... recommended for all :)
    I am happy that I bought the Anti Tan Oil. Since I have dry skin this oil gets easily absorbed leaving by skin soft n radiant throughout the day. I would highly recommend this.

    - Debseni, Mumbai

  • ordered oatmeal/honey face pack and got the delivery within 24 hrs with some dry flowers in the box giving it a personal touch ... awesome product ..skin felt so fresh and smooth after using it...

    - Ruchi, Dwarka

Popular Searches

1.       What are Natural & Organic products?
Natural products are products made with at least 70% ingredients that are available naturally and not generated synthetically or artificially. Organic products are products made with 95% natural ingredients that are grown & processed organically i.e. without using genetically modified or artificial seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc. and without using any artificial flavors, preservatives etc. To use the Organic label, the product also needs to be certified by an accredited organization.
2.       Are Biobloom products Natural or Certified?
Biobloom products are natural products made of 95% natural ingredients. Our products are free from all harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals etc. that can cause various skin and other disorders & complications including skin cancer.
3.       Is animal Testing performed on any of your products?
Biobloom does not engage in any animal testing or use any animal derived ingredients. We are proud of being a cruelty free organization.
4.       Do your Products contain fragrance?
Yes we do use fragrances, which are botanically derived. We do not use any harsh chemicals ot synthetic perfumes.
5.       Why do I need special products for the eye area?
The tissue around the eye is the thinnest on the body and therefore will show the first signs of aging. It is important to treat this delicate area differently, with a specific product.
6.       When do your products expire?
Our products are best to use till 18 months (1.5 years) from the date of manufacturing. Date of manufacturing, along with the batch number, can be found at the back of all bottoms and at the bottom of all jars. 
7.       Do I need to wear a sunscreen every day, even in winters?
Yes, always protect your skin with sunscreen. Even in winter, the UVA & UVB rays from the sun work the same and can cause sunburn. Hence a sunscreen is equally important for winters.
8.       Is water good for my skin?
Water is very important for cleaning the skin as it is a neutral agent. But water, especially hot water leaves the skin dry. Further, drying your skin with a towel after bathing, washing or cleaning further dries the skin. Hence always remember to moisturize after bathing, washing or cleaning.
9.       How often can I shampoo my hair?
Cleaning the hair & scalp is very important, and you can shampoo your hair every 2 days. But if using strong, chemical based or medicated shampoos, restrict use to twice a week unless specified by your doctor/ dermatologist.
10.   Why is conditioning my hair necessary?
Conditioners are as important as shampoos and cleaning the hair. Just like washing or bathing leaves the skin dry and moisturizing is important, shampoos while cleaning the hair and scalp, can leave them dry. Conditioners replenish the hair and the scalp.
11.   Can I cancel my order or exchange/ return the product?
Please view our return policy by visiting Cancel & Return Policy
12.   Where all do you ship?
Click here for a list of pin codes where we ship to.