i. All Biobloom products are FREE from PARABENS.

ii. All Biobloom Face Washes, Body Washes & Shampoos are FREE from SULFATES (NO SLS/ SLES).

iii. All Biobloom Oils & Moisturizers are FREE from LLP & all PETROCHEMICALS.

iv. All Biobloom Products are FREE from other Harmful Chemicals like Silicone & Triclostan.

v. We use PURE ESSENTIAL OILS on almost all our compositions.

vi. We use COLD PRESSED OILS for all our Base Oils.

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What our customers have to say

  • Sunscreen & Day Lotion: Really works & gets absorbed on the skin like moisturizer. Very effective for day to day use. I first got it in my Fabbag, but now have been only using this one. Best is - it has no chemicals!

    - Shruti, Pune

  • Dandruff Control Oil - Very effective on dandruff. Couldn’t believe I could get rid of my dandruff. have been using medicated shampoos for years. Thanks BioBloom!

    - Sam, Chennai

  • Baby Hand & Body Wash : Soft & supple on skin, I found this body wash quite safe for the sensitive skin of my son. He is usually allergic to lots of cosmetic products but this one really suited him. Superb!

    - Richa M., Gurgaon

  • Almond Milk Moisturizer : It has quite a nice and mild fragrance which isn’t very noticeable after application. It does a good job of keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day and I only feel the need to reapply this after my night time shower.

    - Esha Gupta, Gurgaon

  • Hair Strengthening Hair Cleanser is Nice & Mild... recommended for all :)
    I am happy that I bought the Anti Tan Oil. Since I have dry skin this oil gets easily absorbed leaving by skin soft n radiant throughout the day. I would highly recommend this.

    - Debseni, Mumbai

  • ordered oatmeal/honey face pack and got the delivery within 24 hrs with some dry flowers in the box giving it a personal touch ... awesome product ..skin felt so fresh and smooth after using it...

    - Ruchi, Dwarka

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    Our Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Massage Oil is enriched with Lavender & Orange Essential Oils. This LLP & Petrochemical Free massage oil is an antidepressant & a mild aphrodisiac and great to rejuvenate your love. It helps relieve tension & stress and is very uplifting & a great Tonic for your body & skin. An excellent Tonic for your nerves, it also improves blood circulation & soothes sore, tense muscles aiding in pain relief giving you an energy boost!
    • Contains Pure Essential Oils.
    • No LLP or any other Petrochemicals.
    • Blended with Pure Cold Pressed Oils.
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    Our Relaxing Massage Oil comes with the goodness of Bergamot & Ylang Ylang. This LLP & Petrochemical Free Massage Oil helps lower blood pressure and sedates & calms you by relieving anxiety. It is a booster for the nerves & reduces nervous stress. It is also an antidepressant & an aphrodisiac and helps activating romance. It is Stimulating in nature and an analgesic & helps reducing pains. It is a great febrifuge & helps lower body temperature.
    • No LLP or any other Petrochemicals.
    • Contains Pure Essential Oils.
    • Blended with Pure Cold Pressed Oils.
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    This Paraben Free Salt from Biobloom is enriched with the goodness of Peppermint & Sea Buckthorn. It dissolves easily with water and the oils give an aromatheraputic effect to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. As a scrub it removes dead skin and provides natural nourishment.
    •  PARABEN Free.
    •  Contains PURE ESSENTIAL OILS.
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    Made from pure vetiver root, this natural Loohaf leaves your skin smooth, soft & radiant. One does not get closer to mother nature than this. Connect with the earth and pamper your body deliciously.

    DIRECTIONS TO USE: Wet the loofah with warm water & douse it with natural body wash. Gently but firmly rub the scrubber against your skin in circular motion. Work your way down to your ankles including heels & feet soles. Rinse of the residual body wash/ soap with cold water.
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