i. All Biobloom products are FREE from PARABENS.

ii. All Biobloom Face Washes, Body Washes & Shampoos are FREE from SULFATES (NO SLS/ SLES).

iii. All Biobloom Oils & Moisturizers are FREE from LLP & all PETROCHEMICALS.

iv. All Biobloom Products are FREE from other Harmful Chemicals like Silicone & Triclostan.

v. We use PURE ESSENTIAL OILS on almost all our compositions.

vi. We use COLD PRESSED OILS for all our Base Oils.

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What our customers have to say

  • Sunscreen & Day Lotion: Really works & gets absorbed on the skin like moisturizer. Very effective for day to day use. I first got it in my Fabbag, but now have been only using this one. Best is - it has no chemicals!

    - Shruti, Pune

  • Dandruff Control Oil - Very effective on dandruff. Couldn’t believe I could get rid of my dandruff. have been using medicated shampoos for years. Thanks BioBloom!

    - Sam, Chennai

  • Baby Hand & Body Wash : Soft & supple on skin, I found this body wash quite safe for the sensitive skin of my son. He is usually allergic to lots of cosmetic products but this one really suited him. Superb!

    - Richa M., Gurgaon

  • Almond Milk Moisturizer : It has quite a nice and mild fragrance which isn’t very noticeable after application. It does a good job of keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day and I only feel the need to reapply this after my night time shower.

    - Esha Gupta, Gurgaon

  • Hair Strengthening Hair Cleanser is Nice & Mild... recommended for all :)
    I am happy that I bought the Anti Tan Oil. Since I have dry skin this oil gets easily absorbed leaving by skin soft n radiant throughout the day. I would highly recommend this.

    - Debseni, Mumbai

  • ordered oatmeal/honey face pack and got the delivery within 24 hrs with some dry flowers in the box giving it a personal touch ... awesome product ..skin felt so fresh and smooth after using it...

    - Ruchi, Dwarka

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Why Us

Before we set out to answer “Why Biobloom?”, we would like to explain why move to chemical free products for your personal care routine.
You may wonder “What difference does it make what we put on the skin?” You may be surprised to know that:
  • Your skin absorbs almost 64% of the things applied to it and an average adult is exposed to 168 hazardous chemicals from cosmetic and personal care products each day.
  • In fact, soaps, lotions, oils and everything else applied to the skin are absorbed directly into the blood stream within 30 seconds of them being applied and affect our system and bodies with full potency.
  • Conventional chemical based products have ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals like LLP, formaldehydes, sulphates, silicone, triclosan etc. which are known to cause cancer, autism & birth defects.
  • Old Age Wisdom including “Ayurveda” says that “If you can’t eat it, do not use on your skin”.
To be absolutely sure of doing the right thing, reading what us said on the label is not enough. You also need to read between the lines to understand what is not said.
  • Most commercial brands use fancy phrases like “Pro-V Actives”, “Enriched with enzymes”, “Powered by Bio-minerals” etc. Some of them may also have a good ingredient thrown into their product. BUT they fail to tell you about all the harmful, synthetic stuff that forms most of their product.
  • Next time you are out to buy a soap ask yourself that “How can a 50 g soap that costs Rs. 10/- contain lavender oil that costs Rs. 1 lac per kg?”

What do we avoid?

  • All our products are Paraben Free
  • All our products are Petrochemical Free – No LLPs in our oils & creams.
  • All our products are Formaldehyde Free.
  • All our products are Sulfate Free – No SLS or SLES.
  • All our products are Sillicon & Triclosan Free.
  • We DO NOT use artificial colours in our products.
  • We avoid using Synthetic Fragrances in our products – more than 95% of our range is without synthetic fragrances.
  • We avoid using Alcohol in our products – even if we have to use alcohol we make sure that it is Naturally Derived and used in minimum quantity.

What we use?

Our products are enriched with the following:
  • Cold Pressed Base Oils
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Herb & Root Extracts
  • Natural Actives
We also make sure that our ingredients are purchased from reliable & quality conscious sources. Our manufacturers also follow very high Quality Control Standards who have automated & organized manufacturing plants. Some of them are certified GMP manufacturers.
We also conduct Random batch tests at 3rd party labs to make sure that things remain in order.
It must be mentioned that “Natural” is expensive but worth every penny when weighed against the benefits or rather the severe damage caused by chemical laden conventional products.
Sometimes our products may not foam as much as their chemical based equivalents but that’s only because we avoid some chemicals and nothing else. Our products may also be lower on fragrance but that’s only because we do not use artificial fragrances. So our products may feel different, but different in a good way.
We've all grown up with chemical ridden products and have become accustomed to the way toxins feel. We're only beginning to understand how natural feels!
Our Products don’t disrupt the natural equilibrium of your skin. In fact, they enhance your natural beauty! Why wait to make the switch to “A Beautiful You… Naturally!”