Biobloom Organic Products was co-founded in 2014 by Pragati & Rohit Anand and owns the online brand ‘Biobloom’. Biobloom is a successful and highly respected online brand that deals in natural and chemical-free skin, hair, bath, and baby care products, as well as a line of aromatherapy well-being products.

The Biobloom Story – It started with the realization that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’

In the year 2008 destiny confronted Rohit & Pragati with a severe illness in their immediate family. It was going to be painful & extended journey lasting 5 prolonged years. Both of them had numerous, unpleasant interactions with modern medicine and comprehended that all forms of modern medicine were (severely) destructive in nature, treating something now but paving way for something worse to go wrong tomorrow. This inspired them to move a holistic way of life with the belief that “Prevention is better than cure”. Soon, Pragati was blogging about a healthy skin & hair care routine. Then came the formulations using age old wisdom and some modern research and finally the entire personal care range free from harmful chemicals and enriched with natural actives.

Product Categories

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Bath Care
  • Baby Care
  • Aromatherapy & Personal Wellness

 Why Biobloom?

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